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Spring 2014

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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Media Studies

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Nancy Macko

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Alexandra Juhasz

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The genre of film I decided to produce for my thesis in Media Studies (Film/Production) is that of a hip hop music video. In my written work, I explain how I aim to break out of techniques in hip hop music videos that perpetuate, knowingly or unknowingly, the white capitalist patriarchal heterosexual system of oppression. Instead, I incorporate my own and other positive imagery and techniques used in hip hop music videos that subvert the system of oppression and will reflect my positive lyrics. In addition, I briefly discuss hip hop feminism and its relation to hip hop music videos and social change. While my song and music video do not directly address these social issues, they make a statement by not including negative images or techniques and by showing a different way to approach a hip hop music video.

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