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Spring 2014

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Open Access Senior Thesis


Hispanic Studies

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Marina Perez de Mendiola

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Carmen Sanjuan-Pastor

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Gabriela Santizo

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Since the early days of cinema, the translation techniques used to create subtitles have gone largely unchanged. Although these cinematic translations are characterized by both corruption and textual deformation, audiovisual translators have historically justified such textual violence by citing the temporal and spatial constraints necessitated by the subtitling apparatus. This thesis takes the corruption of contemporary film translation techniques, particularly those used to translate humor, as a point of departure in order to question the ethics of these subtitles from both a practical and theoretical standpoint. The study also includes an English to Spanish translation of the film Iron Man 3 (2013) in order to root larger theoretical questions regarding the translation of humor and slang in specific examples.


This thesis is written in Spanish.