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Spring 2014

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Media Studies

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Jennifer Friedlander

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Elizabeth Affuso

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Nancy Macko

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Over the past several years, the economics of the music industry has completely shifted: positive online presence, a widespread fan base, and the celebrity status have overridden high record sales. The music industry isn’t just about the music anymore. Admiration for ones talent has quickly diminished into admiration for ones celebrity status. Those attempting to break the entertainment industry must seek the approval of the harshest critics – the public – before even thinking of success.

Through different generations, trends, and eras, boy bands have stood the test of time. The cookie cutter formula for a boy band has always proven successful in the music industry as boyishly good looks, harmonies, and dance moves are a sure winner. Through the case study of Beatlemania and One Direction, this thesis will explore the changes in the music industry and what it takes to become an established artist in this generation.

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