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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Media Studies

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T. Kim-TrangTran

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Ken Gonzalez-Day

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© 2014 Katherine Grobeck


Through the use of the smart phone application, Snapchat, people use the features and abilities to express themselves and communicate with their friends. With the accessibility of mobile phones and the special features of a camera on each side, making the action of taking a selfie more efficient, the allure of the application is endless. The temporariness of the photos taken through Snapchat and the additional features users are able to include provide an opportunity for them to have control over what they distribute throughout social media. The project included a variety of Snapchats from over 10 different users of various ages from all over the world. With the given prompts, they delivered Snapchats to their best friends, classmates, or on their "My Story" as they wished. The decisions of who received the Snapchats and for how long, demonstrated the control these participants were able to have while using the application. This control allows for the opportunity to explore and define one's self identity and representation through a social media platform.

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