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Susan Rankaitis

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Phung Huynh

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Kenneth Fandell

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In the last half-century, a number of artists have chosen to abandon notions of good taste, skill, and aesthetics in the field of drawing in order to investigate and critique our social and cultural landscape. Two very different approaches have been taken to accomplish this – the use of humor, borrowing from the format of comics; and confessional art, in which the artist ostensibly lays themselves bare in order to act as a mirror for the viewer. In my senior thesis project, I explored these two forms of drawing in relation to my own life and identified institutional (within the Claremont Colleges) and larger cultural threads within my work.


submitted to Scripps College in partial fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Science at Harvey Mudd College

This thesis is restricted to the Claremont Colleges current faculty, students, and staff.