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Organizational Studies

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Organizations are facing a distinctive new challenge: the ever-increasing presence of Millennials in the workplace. The Millennial generation, comprised of those born arguably between 1980 and 1998, possess unique attitudes, behaviors, and desires within the workplace, therefore prompting numerous studies on Millennial engagement and retention. This paper contributes to current literature by investigating engagement and retention of Millennial employees specifically within their entry-level experience. By focusing on the unique experiences and needs during this entry-level phase, organizations will have the knowledge necessary to retain their young employees from the start of their career. This qualitative study utilizes interviews with 11 Millennial professionals to give voice to a generation that is predominantly understood through quantitative statistics. This paper outlines the discovered needs and desires of entry-level Millennial employees, how this compares to the current understanding of engagement of the Millennial generation as a whole, and opportunities for organizational improvement within the entry-level experience.

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