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My family is a collection of characters and big personalities, often with very strange, but brilliant characteristics and interests. When looking for a model that would be consistent with the look and concept I envisioned – witty, comedic, populated with eccentric characters, with carefully and specifically detailed visuals – the films of Wes Anderson, particularly The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), Moonrise Kingdom (2012), and The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), came to mind immediately. Each of his stories is very deliberately structured with a playful sense of chaotic charm, which is the tone I hope to capture in my storytelling. And, not coincidentally, I noticed that when people talk about my extended family, they refer to us as ‘the real-life Tenenbaums,’ meaning that each person is unapologetically who they are with larger-than-life personalities. Growing up hearing wild tales of life with my grandparents in their New York apartment from my mother and extended family, I was inspired to create my own film version of these stories. In choosing to emulate this director’s style within my film, I intend to capture the light-hearted spirit of my family in a manner that is easily recognizable and which is in keeping with its character.

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