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The purpose of this study is to further explore the psychological influence that music has on emotional well-being and elicited behavioral response in consumers. Thus, this study asks if music in advertisements affects consumer well-being and behavior, and if certain music elicits a more positive emotional and motivational behavioral response. It also aims to answer if a certain type of music can elicit a more positive behavioral response based on the type of product. This study consisted of two waves of participant research. The first wave will evaluate basic participant demographics as well as ask participants what product (car brand) they prefer in order to develop a neutral baseline of participant groups and eliminate potential product brand bias for the second wave of research. The following week (wave 2) participants were asked to view one of six ad conditions consisting of various music (upbeat vs. classical vs. none) and car brands (Mercedes vs. Jeep). After viewing the advertisement participants were to and complete a series of scales including the Music Semantic Differential Scale (Kellaris & Kent 1993), The Affect Grid (Russell & Mendelsohn, 1989), and the Measures of Motivational Preference Scale test to assess emotional and behavioral response. [Prev. sentence much too long and difficult to follow.] Upbeat music is expected to elicit the most positive emotional response as compared to no music or classical music pairings. Upbeat music is also expected to elicit the greatest motivational behavioral response toward product ads than classical or no music. However, classical music may provide the greatest motivational behavioral response only when paired with the higher-end car brand. These results would signify how important music is in developing a psychological emotional and behavioral response towards certain brand advertisements.

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