Justin’s Save the Frog Project goals are 1) to spread the awareness about the rapid decline in frog population 2) inspire others to make the environment a better place for people and animals 3) make an impact by building wetlands in California specifically for the CA Red-Legged Frogs and Foothill Yellow Legged.

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I am 6 years old and have loved frogs as long as I can remember. When I heard that some of the frog species were on verge of extinction from pollution, pesticides, and habitat destruction I wanted to help. I learned of a non-profit organization just as passionate as me called Save the Frogs. They work to protect frog populations by educating, inspiring, and empowering people around the world to make a positive impact for amphibians and the planet. Save the Frogs had a lot of knowledge about the specific frogs and locations that needed help but they needed funding to accomplish more goals. I created a campaign called Justin’s Save the Frogs Project in May of 2017. My plan was to sell $1.00 toy frogs and raise $1,000 to build new wetlands in California to protect the CA Red-Legged Frogs. I began to take action by selling the toy frogs everywhere I went such as baseball practice, birthday parties, door-to-door to my neighbors, after school camps, to my classmates, and to anyone that would listen. A Save the Frogs Project donation website page was also made for me so more people around the world could donate to his cause. My favorite part of my project is that I created my own frog shoes to spread the awareness to my peers and those around me. I teamed up with Go PLAE shoe company to reach my second goal to raise $1,000. For every purchase of shoes using my PLAE-it-Forward Code- a percentage of the purchase will go to my project. I’ve taken greater action by presenting my project at bookstores, my school, for social media viewers, and have events lined up with Galileo Science Camps, Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program, and Bravery Magazine in the upcoming month. The money I earn from my Go PLAE shoes ambassador role will be used to sponsor a Save the Frogs Art Contest to spread awareness about frogs and the environment.

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