This artwork is a still from “59,” an experimental film installation I created with the following restrictions: I had to direct eleven 59-second films in eleven months with eleven collaborating artists, none of whom could be cis men.In the resulting project, we used film and those eleven short moments to capture our unique, fragile experiences. We explored everything from the way in which facets of personality drift in and out of the subconscious to the beautiful, mercurial nature of gender.

Author/Artist Bio

H. Leslie Foster II is an urban nomad. Born in Singapore to American parents in October, 1984, he experienced his first plane flight 6 months later and has not stopped traveling since. Raised in Indonesia, Michigan, the Philippines, and Thailand, Leslie gained a unique aesthetic sensibility. After studying biology in Thailand and German in Austria and Germany, Leslie completed a film production B.S. and a International Studies B.A. at Southern Adventist University in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Over his career, Leslie has shot music videos in Serbia and Poland, written a script a day for an entire year, started a non-profit film production company, spent 5 weeks undercover in Jamaica shooting a documentary about violent homophobia, and braved an Austrian blizzard or two. In 2013, Leslie began to combine his more experimental film sensibilities with installation art and has been a part of several group shows. He and his collective, Nomad Solstice, had their first solo show, a five film series entitled “Ritual Cycle,” in February, 2016. His second show, "59," created with 11 other collaborating artists, debuted in May, 2017.

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