Julie Orr


Julie Orr's artwork - Daze Ablaze - for the cover of this issue of The STEAM Journal.

Author/Artist Bio

Julie Orr is an alumna of the MFA program at Claremont Graduate University. She is a Los Angeles based artist who creates work that examines various societal behaviors like consumption and disposability. Her pop style and use of bright colors celebrates modern practices, like texting, or buying an iced latte in a single use plastic cup. However, the bright colors are often contrasted with awkward content that mark our conflicted, complicated relationship with modern customs. Orr is also the Owner and Director of Art Lessons LA, an art lessons and event company. She leads creative classes and events that include anything from soccer ball design to candle-making to canvas painting. While teaching art fundamentals, she also loves fostering creative experimentation and self-expression in her students.

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Creative Commons License
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