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Leaf anatomy and lodicule micromorphology were examined for representative species of Danthonia, 12 of its segregate genera, Cortaderia, and Schismus. Major conclusions are: 1) Generic status for the segregates Centropodia, Dregeochloa, Monachather, and Pseudopentameris is supported; these genera appear isolated in the Danthonieae. 2) Rytidosperma appears to be distinct from Danthonia s.s., and from Chionochloa. 3) Suggested close relationships between Merxmuellera and Chionochloa, and between Chionochloa and Cortaderia, are not supported. 4) Karroochloa and Schismus appear to be closely related. 5) Danthonia cachemyriana and D. exilis may be more closely related to Karroochloa than to Danthonia s.s.

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