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Aisha Agee is a PhD student in Mathematics at Claremont Graduate University. Aisha first became interested in Mathematics in grade school. Aisha hopes to teach upon completion of her degree. An avid fan of reading Aisha spends her free time engrossed in mystery novels. Aisha thinks that the best part about math is that the language of numbers is universal and believes it is important to make math itself accessible to everyone. Although math is taught in schools this can also be done through mentoring, and making math an exciting adventure of finding patterns and learning a new way to code, decode and communicate with others, Aisha underscores that Mathematics truly is a universal language. Michael Franklin is a PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics at Claremont Graduate University and will graduate in 2013. Michael has a BS in Engineering Physics and a BS in Applied Math, from University of Colorado-Boulder and a MS in Applied Math from Claremont Graduate University. Michael’s research interests are microfluidics and computational fluid dynamics, image processing, research & development, engineering and manufacturing, biochemistry, lab-on-a-chip and has presented in Korea and Greece on the topic of electrowetting. Michael enjoys playing guitar, live music, recorded music, singing, taking long walks around Claremont with his border collie puppy, Cody, drawing art on walls, juggling, trampolines, traveling, talking nerdy, photography and co-mingling with all walks of life.

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