Aims & Scope

Mission Statement

The STEAM Journal exists as a place to share knowledge from theory and practice while cultivating dialogue, research, and awareness about the intersections of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with the Arts.

A Philosophy of Integrated Perspectives

Transdisciplinarity – The STEAM Journal firmly believes in a transdisciplinary approach that values the sharing of ideas across fields.

Global - Submissions are encouraged from across the globe to represent international perspectives.

Theory and practice – A balance of knowledge from both theory and practice is maintained in the journal.

Social Justice – The STEAM Journal is committed to social justice by encompassing views and work that have positive impacts on communities, environments, and fields of knowledge.

Evolving – The team is dedicated to ongoing development and transformation.

The Team

The STEAM team is made up of graduate students, alumni, and a board of advisors who are faculty members across the disciplines as well as a balance of theorists and practitioners. Each team member brings a unique perspective based on their discipline(s) and experiences. Working as a cohesive body of transdisciplinary thinkers, the STEAM team approaches the journal with integrated perspectives.