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Pertinent stages of development of the receptacle, primary and secondary appendages, and perithecium of Idiomyces peyritschii are described and illustrated and comparison is made between this species and the type species of Diplomyces, Sandersoniomyces, Symplectromyces, and Teratomyces for which early stages of receptacular and appendage development also are described and illustrated. Possible close relationship of these genera with one another is examined in the light not only of morphological similarities and differences but also of host range. It is concluded that Diplomyces, Sandersoniomyces, Symplectromyces, and Teratomyces do indeed constitute a closely allied group of genera. However, the gap between this alliance and Idiomyces is deemed great enough to warrant their separation into separate tribes within the Laboulbeniales, proposed by Thaxter in 1908, i.e., ldiomyceteae for Idiomyces and Teratomyceteae for the other four genera.

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