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An effusion of books and articles on pollination biology has appeared recently, showing a renewed interest in this area of reproductive biology that has strong significance for the continuous evolution of seed plants. Consequently, a comprehensive review is not possible in this paper; topics have been selected and a restricted number of examples given. New findings in "classical" pollination scenarios are reported, while newer topics include the chemistry of nectar in relation to phylogeny and pollinator types. The formation of "pollination ecotypes" within species is considered but the obstructive influence of "phylogenetic constraint" on close adaptation between flower and pollinator is illustrated. Collaboration with other kinds of biologists will be important. Relevant post-pollinatory events are considered briefly. Some of the requirements for pollination study at population and ecosystem levels, including those of pollinator sharing and mimicry, are reviewed. Botanic gardens and field stations will play a prominent role in these endeavors.

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