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The Sierra Madre del Sur of Pacific coastal Mexico has been of limited accessibility and therefore not well explored botanically. Only G. B. Hinton and E. Langlasse have made significant collections from the area. More recent collections by the authors have resulted in the recognition of nine new species, described herein as follows: Acanthaceae—Elytraria rnexieana; Malvaceae—Bastardiastrurn batesii, Gossypiurn schwendirnanii, Hibiscus zygornorphus, Kosteletzkya flavicentrum, Periptera lobelioides, Sida fastuosa, and Sida prolifiea; and Tumeraceae—Piriquetia mexieana. Other species meriting specific comment include Dioseorea insignis (Dioscoreaceae), Anotea flavida (Malvaceae), and Helieteres rekoi (Sterculiaceae). Illustrations of the new species and a key to the described Mexican species of Elytraria are included.

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