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Flacourtiaceae are a large, mostly tropical, family containing more than 800 species. As circumscribed by Warburg and Gilg the family is rather heterogeneous and indeterminate. The most recent generic treatment, that of Hutchinson, represents a considerable improvement in our understanding of the family, yet Hutchinson's Flacourtiaceae still contain a number of disparate elements. This preliminary generic treatment, based upon studies of gross morphology, wood anatomy, palynology, and phytochemistry, attempts to provide a revised framework for future studies of this diverse family. Ten tribes (Berberidopsideae, Erythrospermeae, Oncobeae, Pangieae , Homalieae, Scolopieae , Prockieae, Flacourtieae, Casearieae, Bembicieae) comprising 79 genera are recognized. The tribes Abatieae, Alzateeae, Lacistemeae, Paropsieae, and Trichostephaneae are excluded from the family, as are the genera Aphloia, Asteropeia, Lethedon (=Microsemma), and Plagiopteron. Hutchinson's tribe Banareae is not recognized as a distinct taxon.

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