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Justicia medrani and J. zopilotensis are described as new species while Anisacanthus gonzalezii is transferred into Justicia. The triad all have floral venation similar to red, tubular-flowered species of Justicia, though they differ from most Justicia in their tricolporate pollen with distinct pseudocolpi. In pollen and anther characters they are similar to Anisacanthus and Carlowrightia, but they differ from these in corolla vascularization and anther presentation and from Carlowrightia in corolla size. As the three taxa do not appear to represent a monophyletic group, and as Stearn has placed taxa with similar pollen into what has become a holding genus, Justicia, we include these in Justicia by default until further studies can decipher relationships within the genus.

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