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A comparative study of the leaf anatomy ofthree species of three genera of Goetzeaceae (Henoonia, Goetzea, and Espadaea) revealed a number of characteristics common to all genera, viz. anomocytic stomata, sinuous anticlinal epidermal walls, both glandular and uniseriate nonglandular trichomes, crystal sand and druses in the mesophyll (often in the same cell), and intraxylary phloem. The mid veins of these species exhibit secondary growth and parenchymatous rays. The unifying anatomical features of this family are, however, not uncommon in the Solanaceae. The results of this study support placement of the Goetzeaceae in or very near Solanaceae. The ecology of the species studied is reflected in the anatomy of the leaves. The leaves of Henoonia exhibit a number ofxeromorphic features; the leaves of Goetzea are mesomorphic; while those of Espadaea are intermediate.

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