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A new genus ofLaboulbeniales, with two species, Phalacrichomyces normalis (type) and P. anomalus, is described from Phalacrichus diligens (Coleoptera: Dryopoidea; Limnichidae). Phalacrichomyces is placed in the Stigmatomycetinae of the Laboulbeniaceae where it appears to be most nearly related to Stemmatomyces and Synandromyces among the other 39 genera of the subtribe. The new taxa are characterized and salient features of the structure and development of their ascomata are summarized and illustrated with photographs and line drawings. The ascomata of associated pairs of P. anomalus display a remarkable degree of mirror-image asymmetry. This phenomenon, which appears to be a characteristic, although inconspicuous, feature of the ascomata of other Laboulbeniales, is discussed briefly.

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