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Woodson recognized two subgenera within Macrosiphonia (Apocynaceae: Apocynoideae), a South American subgenus Eumacrosiphonia, and a North American subgenus Telosiphonia each with five species. Both taxa are characterized by low subshrub-shrub, nonviny growth habits, white, long-tubed, vespertine corollas of a type associated with moth pollination. Their distinctive anther and style-tip characteristics show each is related to a group of genera around Mandevilla and Mesechites. The two subgenera, however, differ strongly from each other in inflorescence, style-head structure, and pollen size indicating that they are not sister taxa and that Macrosiphonia as currently recognized is polyphyletic. Thus the subgenus Telosiphonia is elevated to generic rank consisting of six species with one species and one variety described as new.

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