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Recent phylogenetic analyses within Polemoniaceae have provided evidence that the current circumscriptionof Gilia recognizes and gives taxonomic status to a polyphyletic assemblage of species. As a first step in rectifying this problem, the genus Aliciella Brand (Polemoniaceae) is resurrected and recircumscribed to include Gilia section Giliandra and Gilia subgenus Gilmania sensu Mason & Grant, a monophyletic (=holophyletic) group as here described. Twenty-one recombinations are proposed: Aliciella cespitosa, A. formosa, A. haydenii, A. haydenii subsp. crandallii, A. heterostyla, A. humillima, A. hutchinsifolia, A. latifolia, A. latifolia subsp. imperialis. A. leptomeria. A. lottiae. A. mcvickerae.A. micromeria. A. nyensis, A. pentstemonoides, A. pinnatifida, A. ripleyi, A. sedifolia, A. stenothyrsa, A. subnuda, and A. tenuis. A taxonomic key and brief descriptions are given for these species. Problemsor confusions regarding the types are addressed. and six lectotypes are designated.

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