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Cladistic analysis of nuclear ribosomal and chloroplast DNA sequences has revealed that the New World grass genus Bouteloua (Chloridoideae) is not monophyletic. Indeed, some species of Bouteloua are more closely related to species in other genera than to congeners. The problem was dealt with by expanding the circumscription of Bouteloua to include species formerly positioned in the satellite genera Buchloe (1 species), Buchlomimus/em> (1), Cathestecum/em> (4), Cyclostachya/em> (1), Griffithsochloa (1), Opizia (2), Pentarrhaphis (3), Pringleochloa (1), and Soderstromia(1). Thirteen new combinations and names were necessary. As here circumscribed, Bouteloua is monophyletic and comprises 57 species.

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