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The purpose of this study is to document the vascular flora of the Glass Mountain region of Mono County, California. Little focused botanical attention has been given to this remote volcanic mountain range between the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains of eastern California. The majority of collecting in the area was done from the 1960s through 1998 by Dean W. Taylor, Mary DeDecker, and Jack Reveal, providing good documentation of a few scattered localities of the range. This study circumscribes a large area around the Glass Mountain range, and attempts to catalog the diversity of vascular plants with vouchered collections from many habitat types throughout the region.

Field collecting and herbarium searches done from 1999 through 2002 have yielded 489 taxa (species, infraspecific taxa, and hybrids), building on the foundation of 181 taxa previously documented from the area. Sampling was done from low saltgrass meadows, through sagebrush series, into subalpine forests and meadows, and onto arid alpine peaks and ridges. An Annotated Catalog of the Flora lists the diversity of vascular plants documented in the region thus far. Vegetation descriptions, botanical collection history, numerical summaries, sensitive plants, and comparisons with other nearby floras are presented.

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