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Arecaceae are a relatively large family with a considerable number of species of local and global socioeconomic importance. Many species are also under threat of impending extinction, indicating an urgent need to improve their conservation prospects. Here we present studies on seven palm species (Adonidia merrillii, Caryota urens, Livistona muelleri, Ravenea rivularis, Sabal [minor var. louisiana], Trachycarpus latisectus, and Wallichia disticha) from diverse genera in relation to various seed traits, including germination, desiccation tolerance, and weight. Germination varied from ca. 12-100% and mean time to germinate ranged from four days to four and one-half weeks at 30°C. Six of the species were newly screened for seed conservation biology and of these two were found to possess desiccationtolerant seeds, indicating opportunities for longer-term storage and improved use.

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