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Trilliaceae are plants of North Temperate forests with a holarctic distribution and a high degree of endemism. Molecular phylogenetic analyses are presented in order to examine the tribal, generic, and species-level classification of the family. These molecular studies, and earlier morphological studies, support the placement of the genus Pseudotrillium as basal in the family and sister to the tribes Trillieae and Parideae, which are monophyletic sister groups. Trillidium (Trillium) govanianum provides an unresolved problem: morphologically it is included within Parideae, but molecular data place it within Trillium as sister to T. undulatum. Within tribe Trillieae, clades are noted that correspond to previous taxonomic groups. Within tribe Parideae the separation of Paris s.l. into Daiswa, Kinugasa, and Paris s.s. is strongly supported. In addition, some biogeographic correlations are noted, and phylogenetic distribution patterns are discussed.

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