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A new species of fungal genus Triceromyces (Laboulbeniales) is described: Triceromyces benjaminii. The description is based on several thalli found on the insect host Microvelia pygmaea (Heteroptera, Veliidae), collected in two localities from SE Spain. Characteristics of male and female thalli of this dioecious species are discussed and compared with other dioecious taxa. The characteristics of male thalli require some adjustment in generic limits. This is the first species of Triceromyces known to parasitize a species of Microvelia, a semiaquatic heteropteran genus. The new species is described and illustrated with line drawings and photographs. A table collates information on synonymy, hosts, geographical distribution, and salient references pertinent to taxa of Laboulbeniales parasitic on semiaquatic Heteroptera.