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New combinations and names are here validated for ten grass (Poaceae) taxa in California for the forthcoming revision of The Jepson Manual. In addition, guided by recent molecular phylogenetic studies, ten non-California grass species are here transferred to Muhlenbergia (Chloridoideae: Cynodonteae) to achieve monophyly of the genus. Lolium, long known to be phylogenetically nested within Festuca, is here subsumed into Festuca, and the circumscription of Stipa is expanded to include all Stipeae (native and non-native) in California. In Stipeae, most currently recognized genera are not monophyletic. Attaining monophyly while bearing in mind identification for persons not expert in Stipeae were the guiding principles in expanding the circumscription of Stipa. Newly recognized are: Elymus elymoides var. californicus, E. elymoides var. hordeoides, Festuca perennis, Hilaria subgen. Pleuraphis, Muhlenbergia brevigluma, M. diandra, M. imperfecta, M. multiflora, M. paniculata, M. phleoides, M. plumiseta, M. spatha, M. tricholepis, M. uniseta, Schismus barbatus var. arabicus, Stipa chaetophora, S. divaricata, S. exigua, S. mauritanica, and S. purpurata.