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The genus Erythranthe (Phrymaceae) continues to be a source of floristic novelty, especially in the American West, as evidenced by recent discoveries presented here. Two species in Erythranthe section Paradantha (E. montioides and E. palmeri) have long been a source of taxonomic confusion. Recent research reveals that a total of ten species have previously been treated as part of these two species. Here I present a revised taxonomy for E. montioides and E. palmeri including clarification of species circumscriptions (E. montioides, E. palmeri), recognition of three species that have previously been treated as synonyms (E. barbata, E. discolor, E. diffusa), and descriptions of five new species (E. calcicola, E. carsonensis, E. hardhamiae, E. rhodopetra, E. sierrae). Information on geographic distribution, habitat, phenology and pollination biology, conservation status, detailed taxonomic descriptions, and a key for their identification are provided.