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New taxa, names, and combinations are provided for five genera in Polemoniaceae: Dayia, Giliastrum, Leptosiphon, Linanthus, and Loeselia. Combinations include the transfer to Dayia of two species formerly included in Ipomopsis and one in Bryantiella (Dayia glutinosa, D. havardii, and D. sonorae), as well as the return of Giliastrum stewartii to species rank. A new name is offered for Linanthus aureus when transferred into Leptosiphon: Leptosiphon chrysanthus and its subspecies, L. chrysanthus subsp. decorus. New combinations for infraspecific taxa are made available for Linanthus californicus (subspp. glandulosus and tomentosus) and L. pungens (subspp. hookeri, pulchriflorus, and hallii). New subspecies are described for Linanthus bigelovii (subsp. johnsonii), L. dichotomus (subsp. pattersonii), L. maculatus (subsp. emaculatus), L. watsonii (subspp. laccolithicus and dolomiticus), and Loeselia glandulosa (subsp. sonorae). Linanthus maricopensis is described as new. In addition, 10 lectotypes are designated, associated with Dayia, Leptosiphon, and Linanthus.


Linanthus bigelovii specimens collected in San Luis Obispo County (Keil 27219, Keil and Riggins 30129, and Hoover 8146) were deposited at OBI, not SLO (page 64).

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