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The gymnosperm diversity of Aguascalientes, Mexico, is presented. Fifteen species from five genera and three families are reported, two of Coniferales (Cupressaceae and Pinaceae) and one of Gnetales (Ephedraceae). Pinus is the most diverse and abundant genus with seven species. The most abundant species is P. teocote, while P. strobiformis is the scarcest. Juniperus is the next most diverse genus, represented by four species, with J. deppeana the most abundant and J. durangensis the scarcest. Cupressus lusitanica, Taxodium mucronatum and Ephedra compacta are each the sole representatives of their genera. Most conifers occupy the mountainous part of the state, forming temperate forest; exceptions are Taxodium, which is located on the margins of permanent streams, and J. coahuilensis, which is found in the low parts of the Aguascalientes Valley over calcareous soils in the northern part of the state. Ephedra is distributed in the northeast part of Aguascalientes in microphyll desert scrub. The current status of the gymnosperm communities in the state of Aguascalientes is discussed.

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