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Clarity is lacking on the priority of the names Pterospora andromedea Nutt. versus Monotropa procera Torr. ex Eaton, both of which were published in 1818, and the suggested clear answer may not be the correct answer. Taxonomic Literature, second edition, provides a publication date of 14 July 1818 for Nuttall’s Genera of North American Plants and a publication date of June 1818 for Eaton’s Manual of Botany ed. 2. However, upon closer scrutiny, the situation is more complex. The sources for these publication dates are discussed in order to trace the likely sequence of events leading up to publication. Findings suggest that it is unlikely that Eaton’s Manual ed. 2 was published in June 1818. Additional evidence included in Eaton’s Manual ed. 2 and correspondence make it clear that Eaton was in possession of a published copy of Nuttall’s Genera as he was writing his Manual ed. 2. Consequently, regardless of exact date of publication of either of the works, Nuttall’s Genera was published before Eaton’s Manual ed. 2, so Pterospora andromedea Nutt. has priority over Monotropa procera Torr. ex Eaton and should remain the correct name.

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