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Three new species of Stylidium from southwestern Australia are described. Stylidium noriscandens is most closely related to S. scanclens, of which it may be regarded as a northern sandplain vicariant with sufficient morphological difference for specific recognition, just as S. veiticillatum is a montane vicariant of S. scandens. Stylidium expeditionis is a new species known only from the Tutanning Reserve near Pingelly; it is in the section Squamosae, and several species can be cited as bearing relationship to it. Stylidium ricae is the name given to a plant of granitic outcrops near Morawa and Mullewa; it was formerly designated S. macrocarpum var. planifolium, but is amply distinct although related to S. macrocarpum and S. pycnostachyum. The three new species are illustrated photographically, using photomacrographic detail. Additional notes on species of Stylidiaceae described in 1969 are given.

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