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Spring 1953

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History, MA


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J. William Robertson

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John Albert White

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Palestine, international relations

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History | Islamic World and Near East History | Political History


The United Nations Special Committee on Palestine is now a past history, along with the seventeen previous Committees and commissions which had reported on the Palestine problem.

But this Committee had several unusual features. It was a United Nations Committee and the Big Powers had no part in it. It was instructed to complete its work in one hundred and twenty days. The Committee visited four continents, heard many advocates and collected nearly two hundred pounds of typed or printed evidence. Lastly it was the first international Committee to study the problem of Jewry inside and outside Palestine.

I was in Palestine during the Committee's hearing in Jerusalem in 1947 and I was in the United States when the United Nations, under Pressure of Politics, voted for the Committee's decision- the partition of Palestine. Since then, it was my privilege to give a first hand account of the Arab-Jewish conflict by all that I saw, read and heard. I thought it might be useful to share with others the political education which it \vas my privilege to obtain in my own country.