Scholarship@Claremont Policies and Procedures


Scholarship@Claremont is an open-access repository maintained by The Claremont Colleges Library that showcases and maintains works by The Claremont Colleges scholars and affiliated community. The mission of Scholarship@Claremont is to collect and preserve scholarly and creative works by The Claremont Colleges faculty, staff, and students. Materials in Scholarship@Claremont may be viewed by anyone, with the exception of materials embargoed or where the author has restricted their work to the Claremont campuses. All works that are deposited in Scholarship@Claremont, are openly available, this means that metadata and the pdf (if deposited) are harvested into Google Scholar and therefore made widely discoverable via the internet.

Who Can Participate

All The Claremont Colleges faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to add their scholarly and creative works into Scholarship@Claremont. Researchers affiliated with The Claremont Colleges may also place their works into Scholarship@Claremont via the appropriate Claremont Colleges unit or department, with permission from the author/rights-holder(s).

Definition of Scholarly and Creative Work

The Library welcomes scholarly, educational, or research-oriented submissions, which support the intellectual life of the seven colleges and have enduring value. Submissions should be complete works that are in, or can be converted to, a technically feasible file format, and should be able to meet any guidelines for scholarly work deemed appropriate by the sponsoring unit. The author(s) must be willing and able to grant the right to preserve and distribute the work.

As of January 2020, Scholarship@Claremont no longer posts links to works in other databases. We encourage authors to post a PDF of their work directly in Scholarship@Claremont. The Scholarship@Claremont mission is to first and foremost empower authors to make their work openly available and downloadable at the source of the metadata. The nature of open repositories allow for a more inclusive scholarly communication ecosystem, versus traditional scholarly publishing practices which uphold economic and technological barriers to accessing knowledge.

Author Agreement and Copyright

Authors retain copyright for all content contributed to Scholarship@Claremont. Submitting a document to the repository does not transfer copyright; it only grants the Library a non-exclusive license to distribute and preserve the document.

Authors who contribute content directly accept an online submission agreement that simply states that you hold the copyright to the work or have been authorized by the copyright holder(s) to upload the work for distribution and agree to permit this document to be posted in Scholarship@Claremont.

Many journal publishers allow authors to post a pre-publication copy of their published articles in their institutional repositories, ideally the post-peer review version, or even the published version in some cases. This is called “self-archiving.” Publishers prohibiting inclusion may grant exceptions if the author requests it.

Authors may wish to consult the SHERPA RoMEO website: (, which provides a summary of permissions that are normally given as part of each publisher's copyright transfer agreement. If the publisher prohibits submitting a journal article to the repository and will not grant an exception, the author may consider submitting a pre-publication copy. The Library can provide assistance on using the SHERPA RoMEO website. Please contact the repository administrator.

Student Theses and Dissertations

The Library is the scholarly record for the seven campuses of undergraduate theses, masters, and dissertations. Administrators and Faculty of the Colleges working with the Library assist students in the submission of their capstone and final works to Scholarship@Claremont. Students as the author of their work create the metadata and may choose to upload the pdf with the blessing of their faculty sponsor (or as required by their college program requirements). In some cases, the student author may designate an embargo or choose closed access to the campuses only. To learn more about how the library can support you, your department, program or college in publishing theses and dissertations please email the repository administrator.

Removing or Updating Work

The Library holds the scholarly record and therefore Scholarship@Claremont is the permanent scholarly repository of the library. Under special circumstances an author may request to have an item removed. It may also be necessary in certain circumstances to remove an item from the repository, such as when a work violates copyright law. However, once a work is deposited in the repository, the citation to the work will always remain.

Authors are allowed to post updated versions of their work, but these updates do not need to replace previous versions. Posting updated versions alongside original versions is one way that the repository can allow authors to show the progress of their work. Students wishing to have a thesis or dissertation removed from Scholarship@Claremont should send an email to the repository administrator.

Persistent Access and Migration

The Claremont Colleges Library is committed to preserving authors’ submitted works at a stable URL, on a long term basis; enabling researchers to discover, access, and link to your work. As far as resources and technology permit, The Claremont Colleges Library will take steps to ensure that the files deposited in Scholarship@Claremont survive uncorrupted and continue to be usable. Links and access to content outside Scholarship@Claremont cannot be guaranteed.