Date of Award

Summer 2019

Degree Type

Open Access Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Education, MA


School of Educational Studies


The following work has compiled over the course of my time spent at Claremont Graduate University. Through my time in the program I have not only developed as an educator but an individual as well. My journey began simply by looking at myself and who I am. I thought I knew who I was, but as I continued with my courses, spent more time in the classroom, and engaged in professional relationships I began to wonder. Throughout this ethnography, I will share my experiences and journey through this roller coaster year. However, as I reflect now, I can begin to appreciate the journey I have been on and look forward to what lies ahead.

I began my journey fresh out of my undergrad program ready to begin my teaching career. Coming into this program I felt ready to take on anything they threw at me because, obviously, I was prepared. My work through this ethnography has shown me that although my past experiences did provide a great foundation, there was much more to learn and experience. As I spent the second portion of this writing getting to know my focus students, I realized that I had spent so much time in my own world that I needed to step back and observe and appreciate all that was around me. This idea lent itself to the third section of my ethnography. Here I was at a school seven minutes from my home and I had never seen it. There was this whole world down the street that I had never experienced, but my students lived every single day.

My work this past year has been a reflection of my growth as a teacher, a person, and a student. The adage “You learn something new everyday” has never been more prevalent than on my journey through the Claremont Graduate University, Teacher Education program. However trying and overwhelming it all was, I still had my family, my friends, and my students to keep my head above water and keep me going. I dedicate this ethnography to them all because without their love and support through this tumultuous journey, I would not be walking away the educator I am today.