Date of Award

Summer 2020

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Open Access Dissertation

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Education, MA


School of Educational Studies

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Claudia Bermudez

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teacher, social emotional framework, students

Subject Categories

Elementary Education


This is an approach to understand the complexities of becoming an effective educator using an ethnographic lens. This narrative outlines my first impressions of teaching, and it goes beyond to discuss the impact that community, school, and teacher relationships have on student success. The purpose of this ethnography is rooted in my progressive understanding of how to become an effective and socially just educator in Lincoln Heights. Through an impeccable experience in my very own classroom, I was able to capture the essence of quality relationships with my students and fellow teachers. A year packed with great content and strategies to strengthen my understanding of analyzing student assessments, applying classroom management, working with paraprofessionals, and much more. As I reflect on my practice, I come to understand that building relationships with your students is the key to creating a space for social-emotional learning in the classroom. In addition, the reflective component of my ethnography is crucial to my process of developing my experience in the classroom. In the midst of collecting student data and building relationships with my students, I came to the conclusion that social-emotional learning is a vital component to the configuration of a socially just educator and pedagogy.