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Summer 2020

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Open Access Master's Thesis

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Education, MA


School of Educational Studies

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Social justice educator, Native American Indian, pedagogy, Hualapai

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Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Indigenous Education | Junior High, Intermediate, Middle School Education and Teaching | Secondary Education and Teaching


My life experiences shape me as who I am as an educator. I walk with the knowledge of my ancestors and the protection of the creator. The path of which I walk is full of obstacles and challenges. I use my positionality to put myself in the shoes of my students. I am more than what I appear to be. I am a sister, daughter, student, and educator. In the Hualapai language, Hwalbay ginya misi’, translates to “Hualapai sister and daughter”. I use this title to reflect my identity and honor my culture. My ethnography describes my experience as a social justice educator in my first year of teaching. I had the opportunity to learn my students’ strengths and needs to improve my pedagogy. From this experience I became referred to and known as, Miss Green, a teacher of social science and a social justice educator.