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Spring 2021

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Open Access Dissertation

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Economics, PhD

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Melissa Rogers

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Pierangelo De Pace

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Javier M. Rodriguez

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Inequality, Italy, Migrations, North, South


This dissertation focuses on an empirical analysis on how inequality, internal and international mobility, and exogenous shocks interact with each other. With a focus on Italy, I provide an important contribution to existing literature on migration and inequality, through a comparative analysis at the subnational level. This characteristic of my work provides a unique opportunity to better understand inequality within countries. Using rigorous econometric and spatial techniques, as well as qualitative material, gathered from case studies and reports from international organizations, my dissertation contributes to the literature in social sciences on the causes and effects of inequality and on how it is shaped by state capacity, sudden events like earthquakes, international and internal mobility, and personal networks. Following the obtained results, I posit that it is up to local and national governments to implement effective policies of redistribution of wealth and services to reduce horizontal and vertical inequality. Furthermore, I believe particular attention should be dedicated to the least wealthy areas of the country, like the Center and the South, historically and consistently less developed than the North.