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Assessment, Constructed Response, English Learners, High School, Mathematics, Multiple-Choice

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The study takes a close look at relationships between scores on a Mathematics standardized test in two different testing formats - Multiple-Choice (MC) and Constructed Response (CR). Many studies have been dedicated to finding correlations between item format characteristics with regards to race and gender. Few studies, however, have attempted to explore differences in the performance of English Learners in a low performing, predominantly Latino high school. The study also determined relationships between math scores and gender and math scores and language proficiency, as well as relationships between CAHSEE and CST scores.

Statistical analyses were performed using correlations, descriptive statistics, and t-tests. Empirical data were also disaggregated and analyzed by gender, and language proficiency. Results revealed significant positive correlations between MC and CR formats. T-tests displayed statistically significant differences between the means of the formats, with boys and English Only students having better scores than their counterparts. Frequency tables examining proficiency levels of students by gender and language proficiency revealed differences between MC and CR tests, with boys and English Only students earning better levels of proficiency. Significant positive correlations were shown between CST scores and multiple-choice items, but none were found for CST scores and constructed response items.



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