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Fall 2021

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Restricted to Claremont Colleges Dissertation

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Philosophy, PhD


Center for Information Systems and Technology

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Terry Ryan

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Lorne Olfman

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Wallace Chipidza

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Gamification, Knowledge management, knowledge sharing, motivation


Knowledge Management is a key component that can contribute to the success of an organization. Many barriers prevent knowledge from being shared and one of those barriers is motivating workers to share the knowledge they possess with their organization. Gamification has proven to be a good tool for motivation, extrinsically and intrinsically. Many gamification elements have been researched within the knowledge management field; however, the ability of cooperation and inter-team competition to increase motivation to share knowledge have not been researched. These methods have been proven to be effective in motivating users in other fields like gaming and crowdsourcing. To achieve the research objectives of this study, I conducted an experiment to bring to light which of the gamification affordances, cooperation or inter-team competition, is more effective in intrinsically motivating people to share their knowledge. The experiment was conducted by assigning groups to the two conditions and giving them a task to do, either as a group (cooperation) or as a group that is competing with other groups (inter-team competition). The goal was to learn which of these groups was able to share more knowledge and if they were intrinsically motivated through the activity to share their knowledge with others. The results showed an increase in sharing behaviors in the inter-team competition condition however intrinsic motivation was not detected for both groups. This means that inter-team competition does increase instances of knowledge sharing but more research needs to be conducted to find why and how we can intrinsically motivate workers.