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Spring 2021

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Restricted to Claremont Colleges Dissertation

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Psychology, PhD


School of Educational Studies

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June K. Hilton

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Linda Perkins

Dissertation or Thesis Committee Member

David Drew

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adult learners, attrition, community colleges, noncredit education, nontraditional students, persistence


Nationally, noncredit community college students account for forty-seven percent of the community college population yet very little is known about this group of adult learners. This investigation quantitatively analyzes noncredit student data from two California community colleges to understand who is enrolling in noncredit courses and what factors contribute to their decision to persist towards program completion or withdraw from their studies. Several quantitative examinations involving Chi Square and Cramer’s V analysis, ANOVA, andwere conducted to confirm that, like other highly nontraditional higher education students, a collection of independent variables is impacting attrition.