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Spring 2022

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Public Health, DPH


School of Community and Global Health

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Jessica DeHart

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Deborah Freund

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Bin Xie

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Epidemiology, Health care management, Public health, Public health education

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Epidemiology | Public Health


To include all vulnerable women population who faced barriers to participating in preventive cervical cancer screening, the public health community must better understand the factors that affect their decision for getting Pap and HPV tests. Public health must understand the sexual violence victims, a subgroup of women who faced the onset of trauma and explore their adherence to routine screening. This study investigated whether sexual women with a history of sexual violence (SV), likelihood to get screened for cervical cancer would be impacted given the fear of suffering from secondary trauma during conventional screening procedures. Methods: Knowledge of cervical screening tests, and the prevalence of victims who indicated being afraid of getting flashbacks from past trauma, participation in Pap and HPV test was estimated using the 2018 BRFSS national survey. Connecticut and New Mexico were datasets used and major predictors in multivariable logistic regressions analyzing the odds of history of sexual violence trauma and cervical cancer screening.



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