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Spring 2022

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Open Access Dissertation

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Music, PhD


School of Arts and Humanities

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Nancy E. van Deusen

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Robert Zappulla

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Carol Lisek

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Music | Music Education | Musicology


This dissertation investigates and discusses the self-study process of the Austro-Slovene composer Hugo Wolf. A fourfold learning equation consisting of imitation+emulation+invention =results will be presented, discussed, and applied to the musical compositions of Hugo Wolf, who learned how to compose music mostly by self-study, and minimal formal conservatory level training. Standard methods of analysis of musical construct, harmony, and orchestration will be used to evaluate each musical work. The selected musical works and their musical qualities were chosen to illustrate the effectiveness of the use of the fourfold learning equation by Wolf, both with and/or without instructional resources. This dissertation examines and makes the conclusion that the fourfold learning equation is still the most relevant and reliable method for training musicians, and for educating humans as a species.