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Fall 2022

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Open Access Dissertation

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Education, PhD


School of Educational Studies

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Sallama Shaker

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David E. Drew

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Emilie Reagan

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Global Citizenship Education, Global Citizenship Education Movement, Global Competency, Prosocial Learning, Sustainable Development Education, Teacher Education

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This exploratory transdisciplinary mixed methods study seeks to emphasize Global Citizenship Education (GCED) and teacher learning and change. While there is increased interest in making education more inclusive and equitable, GCED remains obscure and efforts to move policy and practice forward are prescient and still forming. This two-phase study seeks to illuminate and explore the learning process teachers experience to become globally competent. Phase one of the study utilizes a sequential design beginning with the collection of quantitative and qualitative data through a questionnaire, followed by interviews where initial summative data is shared, and interview questions center around each participant’s interpretation of the overall questionnaire data. Implications of how globally competent educators affect change within the instructional core and their role in implementing GCED are described in this dissertation, including educator efforts in youth empowerment, inquiry, problem-solving and civic action. Phase two of this study accesses the thoughts and reported actions of think leaders in the GCED movement to capture developments. For unique insight, three sets of leaders in teacher education, in non-profit and consulting, and in higher education provide analysis and feedback for this dissertation’s conclusions. The uniqueness of my research is its ability to show how prominent think leaders and practitioners envision GCED as a new approach to learning. A recommendation to form a coalition of like-minded educators and think leaders is proposed so that the U.S. can more openly embrace GCED. Another recommendation is to create more teacher learning options for global competency and GCED. A conceptual framework of personal learning and principles for professional learning are offered as potential resources for future GCED development.



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