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Fall 2022

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Education, PhD


School of Educational Studies

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Deborah Faye Carter

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David Drew

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Linda Perkins

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Community College, Critical Race Theory, Microaggression

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Higher Education


Despite the increasing rate of community college enrollment among Latinx students, little is known about their experiences with racial microaggressions. The purpose of this study was to address both the lack of research in understanding the racialized experiences of this growing student population and the implications this lack of knowledge has on the academic trajectories of Latinx students. Using a case study approach, this study took place at a large community college and the data consists of 20 semi-structured interviews with full-time students that identify as Latinx. The findings of this study show that students experience racial microaggressions through low academic expectations and their English dominance and economic status are perceived to limit their academic progress and their peers make stereotypical and racist remarks that perpetuate negative perceptions about Latinx students. Students respond to these experiences by withdrawing and not engaging with student support services and they also look to faculty of color for support and avoid taking courses that do not validate their intellectual abilities, however, they support other students of color and practice empathy and kindness when countering racial microaggressions or deficit perspectives about Latinx students. Finally, students shared that regardless of the racial microaggressions they experience they believe community college is a step toward reaching their goals and aspirations, and therefore, persist in their educational journeys to better their lives and the lives of those they love. This study also addresses implications and recommendations for research, theory, policy, and practice that center on practical approaches in addressing the racialized experiences of students within the community college context.



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