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Fall 2022

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Open Access Dissertation

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Education, PhD


School of Educational Studies

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Thomas F. Luschei

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DeLacy Ganley

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June K. Hilton

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K-5 education, learning outcomes, mixed methods case study, relationship building strategies, teacher-student relationships

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This mixed methods case study of K-5 schools in a medium sized Southern California school district, investigated teachers’ descriptions and perceptions of their teacher-student relationships and relationship building experiences with students. Teachers’ views were analyzed at district, school site, and individual levels to uncover both common and unique patterns across these various contexts. Surveys and interviews were used to gather data. Surveys were quantitatively analyzed, and interviews underwent a qualitative thematic analysis but were also supported by quantitative data (e.g., code recurrence frequencies and percentages). Data results of teachers’ descriptions and perceptions on teacher-student relationships provided teachers’ overall views, in addition to their views on the role of teacher-student relationships on learning outcomes (e.g., academic, behavioral, social-emotional, psycho-social) and effective strategies for relationship building. Practice, policy, and research implications from the study were provided.



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