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Spring 2023

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Restricted to Claremont Colleges Dissertation

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Public Health, DPH


School of Community and Global Health

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Bin Xie

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Alan Stacy

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Paula H. Palmer

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Paula H. Palmer

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Prevention behaviors, HIV, MMSM research, Homonegativity, Depression


Many individuals living with HIV continue to face stigma and discrimination that may limit the receipt of support, negatively influence self-care behavior, and increase disease transmission risk (Parker & Aggleton, 2003). The CDC has long recognized minority men who have sex with men (MMSM) as an important group for which tailored interventions are required (CDC, 2020). This study sought to provide an understanding of the effect of outness, homonegativity, and depression on the odds of engaging in treatment as prevention (TaSP) overtime using generalized linear mixed effect models. In addition, the linear mixed effect model was employed to determine if there were significant effects on depression over time for outness and homonegativity. Data was obtained from the longitudinal cohort parent study The Men who have sex with Men and Substance Use Cohort at UCLA Linking Infections, Noting Effects (mSTUDY). Missing data was addressed with a multiple imputation approach with Markov Chain Monte Carlo method. A sensitivity analysis was employed to evaluate the robustness of the findings by comparing results analyzed with complete cases and results analyzed with data of multiple imputations. Significant or borderline significant main effects were observed in generalized linear effect models for homonegativity (AOR of 1.06 with 95% CI of 1.03-1.09, p