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Spring 2023

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Open Access Dissertation

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Information Systems and Technology, PhD


Center for Information Systems and Technology

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Chinazunwa Uwaoma

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Lorne Olfman

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Samir Chatterjee

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Biopharma manufacturing, Digital transformation, Social unrest, Consumer behavior, Biopharma

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Health Information Technology


In the current climate of economic uncertainty and social unrest, biopharmaceutical (biopharma) companies face the challenges of changes in consumer behavior, cyber threats, and technological advancement. At the same time, their top priorities are global market growth, strengthening R&D, and undergoing digital transformation (Dx). Given these developments, biopharma organizations must choose a Dx framework as they engage in the digital transformation of their businesses in this high-stakes environment. However, there are significant problems with existing Dx frameworks. Most models are generalized frameworks designed to sell consulting services. Some focus on the enterprise or the manufacturing operations, but not both, and emphasize technology over strategies to address patient needs. However, the biggest problem is that the most commonly used frameworks are high-level models that need to provide guiding pathways for practitioners to follow. This study explores the evolution of the life science industry and explicitly addresses the challenges of adopting effective Dx frameworks in the biopharma manufacturing sector. Using a design science research (DSR) approach combined with Kumar's (2012) seven modes of the design innovation process, the study leverages existing research to determine the critical dimensions of any Dx process. After cross-referencing up-to-date research, the study offers a novel DSR Dx framework covering the enterprise and manufacturing landscapes to provide IT leaders with tools to assist in their Dx process.